Glow-in-the-Dark Spiral Wrap: Flexible, Luminous Protection for Cables and Hoses

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nightglow-spiral-wrapYesterday was the first official day of Summer 2011, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve already been in Fresh Air Mode for a few weeks now. Mowing lawns, potting flowers, weeding, cleaning gutters, touching up house paint – all of the fun outdoor maintenance stuff. And with that yard work comes things like hoses and power cords.

Just one problem- if you’re not careful, these taken-for-granted necessities can end up taking a real beating, as I unfortunately discovered when I went to unspool my garden hose a few days ago. When I took a good look at it, I realized that a few too many tight kinks, driveway run-overs and close calls with the large, sharp-edged rocks in our front plant beds had scratched up, and in some places started wearing through, the wall of the hose.

Oopsie. Guess we should’ve been more careful pulling the car in when that last few feet of hose was trailing off its spool and into the driveway. But it was dark, and well, stuff happens. Fortunately for involuntary destructos like myself, I just came across a protective glow-in-the-dark spiral wrap that helps prevent life’s little (bump) “ummm, I think I just drove over the hose/extension cord” moments.

NightGlow spiral wrap prolongs the life of your outdoor equipment in two ways: first, it (as you’ve already gathered) glows in the dark, so you see it, and the power cable or hose within, before you trample, drive, or trip over it. Secondly, should the worst-case scenario occur (ie: you do something that would normally result in damage), your hoses and cables are covered in flexible armor that deflects abrasion and cuts, and helps prevent full-on crushing. And I haven’t tested this particular theory yet, but I’m pretty sure that even though it’s super flexible, the spiral wrap will probably prevent hoses from kinking so tightly that they pinch closed.

NightGlow wrap is made from tough polyethylene, has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures (-40°F to +280°F), and automatically “charges” itself when exposed to light, whether from the Sun or an artificial light source. And when the lights go out, it glows for up to 8 hours, so that you can steer clear of your poor, mistreated extension cord no matter how little else you can see.

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