Cast Aluminum Exit Signs: Emergency Signage Gets a Modern Makeover

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cast-aluminum-exit-signAh, the old Exit Sign. That ubiquitous fixture in any public place, which both gets the attention of anyone looking for a way out, and has at the same time become the equivalent of visual white noise to anyone who leaves their house on a semi-regular basis. Exit signs are a paradox: we need them and do use them, but we also take them completely for granted, and never really give them more than a passing glance.

While I’ve always appreciated the presence of exit signs, I have to say that despite the important role they play, a lot of them, historically, haven’t been incredibly easy on the eyes. There’s nothing you can do about the blaring red letters – without them, emergency signage would be pointless. But the housings around those letters tend to be completely lacking in aesthetic appeal… design-wise, you really can’t get any more institutional.

That’s why I’m so happy that someone has finally given the tried and true exit sign a modern, and very stylish, makeover. The key feature is a sleek, minimalist aluminum housing that’s only 2 inches thick, and blends in beautifully with high-style decor, so it’s perfect for nice restaurants, high-end apartment buildings, boutique hotels, galleries, and just about anywhere else where emergency exit signs are necessary, but decor and ambiance can’t be sacrificed.

In addition to its improved outer appearance, this aluminum exit sign has been updated within, too, with long-lasting, energy-saving LEDs, which last much longer and use far less energy than the traditional incandescent signage bulbs that used to illuminate exit signs. There might be a few products that you wish would go back to the the way they used to be, but this definitely isn’t one of them.

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