Bentley-Harris Convoshield: Chrome Wire Loom for an Engine Bay that Pops

April 8, 2011 by
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convoshieldOver the past few days, there’s been a whole lot of Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach going on at my house. Every time I unthinkingly drop the remote or leave the room for a minute, the crazed Car Dude I’m married to jumps into action, changes the channel, lets his jaw drop ever so slightly, and gets his classic car auction on. Trying to switch back to another channel is pretty much a lost cause, so I’ve been getting eyeful after eyeful of sweet paint jobs, amazing body work, custom upholstery, and, of course, pristine engine bays.

Seeing that much order and spotlessness under the hoods of so many vehicles has gotten me thinking about one of the coolest wire looms we carry: Bentley-Harris Convoshield. To me, that name sounds kind of rugged and military, like maybe it’s a combo of “convoy” and (obviously) “shield.” But make no mistake: this stuff is pure bling. I’m talking about all-out, pimp-this-ride, so-shiny-it’ll-make-you-squint chrome action.

But Convoshield doesn’t just sit around and look pretty. It also has some down-and-dirty utilitarian factors, like its ability to protect engine bay wiring from dirt and chemicals, its unbelievable heat resistance (up to 1000°F!), and the fact that it just keeps things looking like a well-cared-for cut above, instead of a run-of-the-mill hot mess.

Despite its complete chrominess, Convoshield wire loom is actually made out of nylon copolymer base, which is overlaid with an ultra-reflective aluminum-based coating. The overall result is a knockout automotive loom that looks completely metallic, withstands a ton of abuse, and, according to those of our customers who are hardcore car guys, runs (or drives?) circles around any comparable product they’ve purchased in local auto part stores.

Convoshield isn’t limited to cars, though – we’ve also gotten quite a few happy reviews (and pictures) from motorcycle owners who have used it to take their bikes to a whole new level. Long story short: if you have something on wheels and want to make it look even hotter, just add some chrome Convoshield. Mission accomplished.

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