Cable Ramp Rack: Store and Transport Heavy Cable Protectors Without Any Nasty Tip-Overs

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cable-guard-cartTip-overs always happen so unexpectedly. Like when you’re standing in line at the airport, and the heavy purse or laptop bag that’s lashed to the handle of your tiny wheeled carry-on makes things top heavy, and the whole stack tumbles. Or when your full-grown-adult coffee bar coworker decides, instead of grabbing a stepladder, to climb stock shelves like a monkey to retrieve the lone bag of espresso beans from the very top. Or when another full-grown-adult decides to build up some momentum and ride on, instead of push, an almost-empty grocery cart (“But it worked in the Staples commercial!”).

Yep. I have experienced all of these scenarios firsthand, but for the record, I was merely a horrified onlooker for the second two. But all that aside, tip-overs pretty much suck, no matter what the situation – and there are a lot of possibilities. Take, for example, the fiasco that could unfold if you were carting around a seemingly stable load of 10 or 20 cable protectors. I’m not talking about the flexible, lightweight plastic ones that coil up and can be carried as comfortably and easily as, say, a couple of folded towels. I’m talking about the hardcore polyurethane models that weigh a small ton and can cause quite a ruckus, and possibly pain, if they derail from their wheeled storage cart at an inopportune moment.

While cable protector carts have always sounded like pure genius to me, there are some that, when not fully loaded, run the risk of tipping over as soon as the heavy side gets the better of things. That’s because like some folding-chair carts you may have seen, these wheeled cable cover racks load vertically instead of horizontally. The vertical orientation isn’t a problem, per se, unless the cart is partially loaded, and its weight isn’t balanced. But shouldn’t a cord cover cart be balanced all of the time?

I happen to think so, and that’s why I’m so digging this Cable Guard Transport Cart. Sized to hold up to 25 heavy duty cable protectors, this cart remains stable even if there are only 3 or 8 or 12 actually loaded onto it. That’s because this cable guard cart carries cord protectors horizontally, so matter how many or how few you’re dealing with, their weight is always evenly distributed – leaving you free to let go of the cart at any time, with no fear of tip-overs.

I love balance.

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