CAB Cable Rings: Supporting Aerial Cables, and Creating Jobs for the Disabled

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cab-cable-ringsEvery so often, you come across a product that’s not only well-made and affordable, but also provides employment and income to those who need it most. Case in point: there’s a little non-profit shop not far from my house, which sells all sorts of handcrafted items made by artisans in third world countries. Musical instruments, housewares, textiles, jewelry, toys – they’re all beautiful and unique, and the kinds of things you’d definitely bring home from travels to faraway places.

The catch is, when these items are sold (mainly to tourists) in their actual countries of origin, the artists can barely turn a profit. Sold in the US, though, for higher (and yet what still seem like shockingly low) prices, these products now yield a much higher income for those who created them. It’s essentially a Fair Trade arrangement, except that instead of applying to things like coffee, the concept applies to handicrafts. I love to purchase gifts there, because you can not only find something uncommon and exotic, but you also feel good knowing that your business is truly helping someone out.

All of this lead-in to explain why I’m such a proponent of today’s featured product: CAB cable rings. CAB cable rings are made to support aerial cable runs in an amazing number of industrial applications and environments, ranging from utilities and paper mills to open pit mines and traffic lights. They’re available in stainless or galvanized steel, as well as in standard and “long” styles, which give you the flexibility to suspend single or multiple cables of varying diameters. Not to mention they’re extremely cost-effective.

But it gets better. CAB cable supports are produced by individuals at the Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped (CCABH) of Johnstown and Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. CCABH was founded by the local Lions Club in the 1940s, and now provides functional disabled adults with job training, employment (producing CAB cable rings and a variety of other products), and a sense of purpose. In addition to job skills and the opportunity to earn an income, members of the CCABH program also receive individual, group, and family counseling, are able to participate in social-orientation lessons that include basic budgeting, banking transactions, and comparison shopping, and are included in CCABH-sponsored outings that include dinners, shopping trips, and tours.

If you’re planning an aerial cabling project, please keep CAB cable rings in mind when you’re shopping around for cable supports. Getting the job done is always a great thing, but it’s so much better when you can support an extremely worthy cause along the way!

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