Heat Shrink End Caps: The Perfect Way to Protect the Ends of Cables and… Chair Legs?

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heat-shrink-end-capsThe heat shrink end cap. The first time I saw one, I thought it was really cool, but found myself immediately wondering “why the heck would you seal off one end of a cable?” It seemed, well, a little counterintuitive. But it turns out that I was just thinking a little too small-scale. I was used to the little stuff, like computer cables and basic extension cords. But when you start dealing with the big dogs, like industrial electrical cables, things get a little more heavy duty.

When they’re sitting on shelves, waiting to be put into action, utility-grade cables face a little problem: all of those exposed cut conductor ends can start to get dirty, or even worse, corrode in the presence of moisture or chemicals. And then there’s the matter of moisture and contaminants weaseling their way into the open-faced cable. If that happens, you’ve got trouble on your hands.

This is where heat shrink end caps start to make a lot of sense. These cup-shaped pieces fit over cut cable ends, and when you apply heat to shrink them into place, their adhesive inner coating is activated as well, melting and cooling onto the cable jacket to create a tight seal that won’t let anything through. When it’s time for installation, you just cut off the end cap, and you have corrosion-free cable, ready to go. Kind of cool, huh?

I realize that most of you, like me, don’t have reels of cut-end cable that need protecting, and that brings me to another amazing use for heat shrink end caps: protecting the ends of your patio furniture legs. This suggestion from one of my co-workers, who got desperate when she lost a few of the factory-installed end caps on her outdoor chairs. Luckily, the solution was right at work: she bought a few heat shrink end caps, shrunk them onto her chair bottoms, and now there’s no nails-on-chalkboard scraping, or patio damage, when she moves her lawn furniture around. Genius!

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