Drossbach Wire Loom Dispenser Boxes: All the Benefits of Wire Loom with None of the Storage Headaches

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drossbach-wire-loom-dispenser-boxI love wire loom. It was one of the first cable management products I was ever exposed to, and it’s had a special place in my heart ever since. My admiration for the bendy stuff isn’t all sentimental, though: it just works. Wire loom is one of the easiest means of taming – and hiding – multiple cables all at once. Just cut it to the length you need, insert your cables through its side slit, and things are automatically neater and more organized. And did I mention that it’s cheap, too? There’s pretty much no way you can go wrong with split corrugated tubing

…Unless, of course, you buy more than a few feet of it, in which case, it becomes extremely tricky to store. Not long after the first time I successfully organized the cables beneath my desk with it, I was scheduled to shoot some product demonstration videos for a website called NewBaby.com. I thought: “Hey, wire loom is great for childproofing cables!” and proceeded to add a nice 10-foot length of it to the box of cable management goodies that I’d be toting along to the studio.

Suffice it to say, in the 3 days that elapsed between my assemblage of demo products and the actual filming date, things got a little, well, untidy. That box of products did nothing but sit in the corner of my office, but somehow the wire loom managed to interweave itself with its box-mates, as well as start creeping out of the actual box – all by itself. It’s like it was alive; I’d coil it up around my arm until I though things were secure, carefully set it back in the box, and it would unfailingly loose itself again, like a twisted, slow-motion version of those practical joke snake-in-a-cans.

Which is why I’m feeling so enthusiastic about Drossbach’s wire loom dispenser boxes. Designed for people like installers and organizers who have an ongoing need for large amounts of wire loom, these boxes-o-loom each have a built-in spool, around which the wire loom is coiled, as well as a handy cutout that’s big enough to neatly dispense wire loom, but small enough to keep the tubing that you don’t need inside the box.

I hate to cut things short, but I think we’ve pretty much reached the “’nuff said” point. This is one of the only good ways I can think of to store any quantity of split wire loom on a shelf. It’s neat. It’s organized. It won’t make you tear your hair out. Maybe I should say it again: ’nuff said.

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