Rack-A-Tiers Thomas Wheeler Coil Spinner: The Way to Pull Cable Off a Large Spool Without Putting Your Back Into It

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thomas-wheeler-coil-spinnerIt’s pretty much a universal law: a heavy spool of cable never spins as fast as you want it to, even if it’s on a dispenser. That’s twice as true when you’re up on a ladder, trying to yank cable off the reel and feed it into a wall or over a ceiling at the same time. Sounds like there’s about to be some serious cable – and back – strain going on.

Things would be a lot different if you could make that cable spool magically levitate above the ground in a horizontal position. Just imagine – you’d be able to twirl it around with the lightest touch, instead of struggling against all of the friction and sluggishness that come from a too-heavy spool grinding against the dispenser bar that it should, ideally, be rotating effortlessly around.

Well, not to sound like some sort of cabling Fairy Godmother, but you can! And you don’t need pumpkins, mice, or wands to make the magic happen – just a Thomas Wheeler Coil Spinner from Rack-A-Tiers.

Designed to hang from 2×4 beams or ladder tee bars, the Thomas Wheeler looks a lot like an industrial version of those kitchen counter paper towel dispensers that have a disc-like base with a vertical bar extending upward from its center. The basic idea is that you slip a spool of cable onto the center bracket, and let it come to rest on the disc-shaped base. Then, just hoist the Thomas Wheeler momentarily off the ground, attach it to your ladder or a 2×4, and behold the glorious sight of an otherwise cumbersome spool of cable floating in midair.

With the spool being in such a friction-free situation, it’s free to spin at the slightest tug from you, so cable glides off the reel as fast as you need it, without any stubborn resistance. Cleanup is just as easy – if you’ve pulled too much slack and need to put it back on the spool, just give the Thomas Wheeler a twirl in the opposite direction, and the cable will practically wind itself back up.

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