Quarter Round Decorative Raceway: The High-Style Cable Concealer That Won’t Put a Dent in Your Decor

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quarter-round-racewayAfter 6 months of gradual progress, I just put the finishing touches on my living room. Ever since we moved in, I’ve been hanging wall art, rearranging furniture, experimenting with the placement of everything, and I think we’ve finally hit on something that works. The only things still bugging me are the few places around our entertainment center where I can glimpse the cable wire coming up through the floor, and the power strip’s cord as it makes its way from under the TV stand to the wall outlet a few feet away.

I’ve got things partially concealed with a floor vase full of decorative bamboo, but unfortunately, the camouflaging benefits of green stalks and pottery only go so far. Barring standard surface raceway (its shape isn’t quite subtle enough for this particular situation), I’ve been looking for some sort of cord concealer that my eyes won’t be drawn to when I’m trying to focus on the TV. Something that can lay right along the floor and blend in with my smooth baseboard molding all at once. And as of last Friday, I found it: quarter round decorative raceway.

“Quarter round” sounds a little weird, but it’s a perfect description of this raceway. It’s built on a 90-degree angle and has a gently arcing surface, so that you can fit it into any corner, and see only the lightly rounded top. Quarter round raceway is perfect for fitting into corners, be they the junctions between two walls, or the places where your baseboard meets the floor.

In my case, it’s a “where the baseboard meets the floor” kind of a thing. My baseboard molding is totally flat, with no decorative shaping or anything, so I think that the quarter round might even add a little extra something to that wall. What’s really nice is that it can be painted to match the existing trim, so it will all blend seamlessly (if you have natural wood molding, the raceway is even available in an unfinished, stainable “woodgrain” material, so you can still get an exact match).

Installation is super easy: just peel the backing off the pre-applied adhesive strip, and stick it right to your wall, floor, or molding. It’s almost too easy. And best of all, it lets you shift your attention away from the exposed cables, and back to where it needs to be: on the TV, of course.

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