Two-Piece Desk Grommets: Endless Options for Cable Routing and Other Creative Workspace Modifications

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round-two-piece-grommetsChances are, a few of you are asking yourselves, “She’s talking about grommets again? Really?” To all of you exasperated naysayers, I say, “Give me a chance.” I don’t blog just to hear the sound of my own voice, and I don’t like wasting peoples’ time with things they’ve already heard about. I’m enthusiastic about grommets – we’ve covered that. But the entire reason for this post is that my eyes were just opened to a new and exciting way to use desk grommets.

Well, not just any desk grommets… to be more specific, the new round two-piece grommets that we just started carrying. They’re simple, but extremely cool, because they come in (as you’ve gathered) two separate parts: the sleeve, which is the section that lines the actual hole cutout in your desk or countertop, and the snap-on top, which narrows the opening so that it fits snugly around the wire and cables traveling through it. Up to this point, most grommets have been a one-piece hybrid of the two parts, but someone had the outstanding idea to go deconstructionist on these, and I really think it works.

Why? Because you can use both components together, or take the more-laid back approach and just stick with the sleeve. The complete solution is perfect for routing cables (as usual), but what really intrigues me is the sleeve-only option, and the suggestion that, when you’re dealing with the large-diameter 4″ grommet, the sleeve can actually be fashioned into a sort of through-desk trash chute.

Ever noticed how in some restaurant bathrooms, there’s a cutout in the sink vanity, into which you toss your used paper towels? Well, now you can do the same thing to your desk! Just use a hole saw to cut out an opening, snap in a grommet sleeve for a finishing touch, line your wastepaper basket up below the hole, and start dropping your small paper trash right through your desktop. Bombs away!

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