Middle Atlantic’s RDR Series: Home Theater Racks That Won’t Make You Feel Like You’re in a Server Room

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middle-atlantic-rdr-home-theater-rackSo, you drop big bucks on a home theater. Amazing screen. Killer audio. Super posh decor, and furniture that’s almost impossible to part ways with at the end of the show. As you, the fam and maybe a few friends snuggle in for a fun night in front of the big screen, you glance over at your equipment rack, and suddenly you’re whisked away to a cold, brightly-lit, featureless data center, where the only thing to make you feel cozy and comfortable is the warm air being exhausted by the enclosure ventilation fans.

No, you’re not hallucinating or having a nightmare, and you haven’t been forcibly sucked into some weird parallel universe in which you’re actually an IT guy. You were just shocked out of your sweet cinematic surroundings by the stark, metallic, “a-little-too-techy” look of your electronics rack. What the heck is that thing doing in your perfect (well, near perfect) home theater? Have you no sense of style?

It’s a good thing that the designers at Middle Atlantic got wind of the fact that there are more than a few people out there who are butchering the aesthetics of otherwise well-planned home theaters with racks that were designed for… well… less-than-decor-conscious environments. Clearly, they must have asked themselves, “Do movie lovers kick back in residences, or telco closets?” And as I imagine it, they then glanced around the room at each other during a brief silence, shouted “residences” in unison, collectively nodded their heads, and then got down to business designing their home-worthy RDR Rack Series.

Much like your standard-issue server rack, RDR home theater racks are built out of tough steel that can take abuse and still support the weight of hundreds of pounds of electronics. The difference is in the finishing touches, from the decorative trim that replaces sharp, angular corners, to a sleek black woodgrain top as the crowning touch. It’s like Clark Kent turning into Superman. Moneypenny to Bond Girl.

Hey, look! You’re back from the data center.


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