Ergonomic Multi-Shift Workstation Chairs: Sit and Work Longer with Fewer Aches, Kinks and Creaks

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middle-atlantic-multi-shift-chairsThere was a time in the not-too-distant past when I split my days between slinging cappuccinos and hauling my rear end around campus with many, many pounds of textbooks strapped to my back. With all that time spent either standing behind an espresso bar or hiking around a university that seems to have been intentionally designed with inconvenient parking, I was in pretty decent shape, and felt exactly as a whippersnapper should: healthy and ache-free.

Then they handed me a diploma, at which point I traded my green apron in, and took a job that I continue to hold to this day: writing. Aside from thinking up pretty words and typing them out on my laptop, the other mainstay of this career is sitting. A lot. Sure, I hit the gym regularly, and I’m nowhere even near middle age, but I have to tell you: all of this chair time has made me feel like I’m falling apart. Aches, stiff muscles… I’m a groaning wreck. I’m thinking I should snag one of Middle Atlantic‘s new ergonomic, multi-shift workstation chairs.

These things look awesome. I’m not someone who’s remotely excited at the prospect of office furniture, but the features of these chairs made me rethink my standpoint on the stuff. They’re adjustable in pretty much every way possible (seat height, armrest position, and degree of recline), and are made out of the good stuff, like mesh and the lovely-sounding Technogel cushions (I imagine that would be like sitting on a body-sized gel insole). Lumbar support, high-tech weight balance, everything you dream of. These chairs are not for people at risk of falling asleep on the job.

The reason why these chair are so comfortably designed is that they’re intended for people who need to be pretty much glued to them once they punch in for the day. Security personnel at command/monitoring desks, programmers… writers… you get the idea. Longer on hours, shorter on aches – not a bad day’s work.

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