7-Outlet Surge Protector with Individual Switches: Selective Outlet Powering for Gadget Owners Who Like to Call the Shots

February 11, 2011 by
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individually-switched-surge-protectorI’ll admit it: I’m a little bit of a control… ummmmm…. aficionado. Take other people’s word for it that something is done? Don’t make me laugh. This chick needs to see it with her own two eyes, and make sure that it’s done right. Yes, it makes me a tad insufferable at times, but at least I know that the doors are locked before I go to sleep, that the thermostat has been turned down for the night, and that just a couple of lights are left strategically on, so that we don’t come home to a totally dark house.

That said, I’ve always liked the idea of smart power strips, which automatically shut off power-wasting peripheral electronics when the main devices they work with (ie, TVs or computers) aren’t being used. These intelligent PDUs are great to have around; they save energy and money, all without you having to do a thing. For all the normal people out there, smart power strips sound like the perfect way to plug in: they keep things on when you need them, and switch them off when you don’t… whether or not you remember to yourself.

But what about the in-charge, “I’ll-Do-it-Myselfer” types like me? Maybe we want to selectively turn things off on our own, without a smarty-pants gadget calling the shots for us. Maybe we have excellent reasons why we would prefer that certain devices remain powered. Maybe we, the hardheads who trust our own judgement most, inspired this extremely cool surge protector.

At first glance, this 7-outlet surge protector looks like most other PDUs… until you realize that each outlet has its own on/off switch. Hmmmmmmmm. Basically, thanks to those switches, you get to decide which plugged-in gadgets run, and which have had their fill of electricity for the day. In short, you’re the brains of this operation, not the power strip itself. I thought you’d like that.

There are a few nice little features that help you out in a good way, though. For example, those switches glow red when the outlets they correspond to are receiving power – a nice, easy way to assess the situation at a glance. And secondly, the 7th switch doesn’t belong specifically to a single outlet, but to the entire surge protector. Need to shut everything on or off at once? That’s the way to do it… if you make the decision to.

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