Middle Atlantic Comp-Cool Component Fan: Beat the Heat, Right at the Source

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middle-atlantic-comp-cool-fansHere I am, huddled in layers and cringing as I get periodic updates on the “winter weather system” (aka “The Soon to be Historic Blizzard of 2011″) that’s getting ready to mercilessly whack my corner of the Earth at any hour now. Surprisingly, no matter how bleak and chilly both the current room temperature and my outlook are, my laptop is unfazed, cranking out the BTUs like nobody’s business.

At the moment, the gentle warmth emanating from my laptop’s side vent is like a balmy tropical breeze by which to warm my hands, but were the ambient temp in my office on the stuffier side, I’d be worrying about things like proper ventilation – after all, when our favorite electronics start feeling the heat, they tend to call it quits, whether or not we’re okay with that. This especially goes for components that tend to be housed close together on shelves. Group electronics together in a tight space, and conditions can go from comfortable to sauna before you know it.

Rack fans are great, but they’re kind of limited to, well… racks. And enclosures. The kind that you usually find in server rooms or data centers. But what if you have just a few high-tech home theater components that run hot and need some help cooling off? Or a small server setup that doesn’t quite warrant a full-scale cooling enclosure? That’s where Middle Atlantic’s Comp-Cool Component Fans come very much in handy.

Unlike your typical rack fan, Comp-Cool fans are individually paired with the devices that need them most. They install right over a component’s vent to draw out damaging heat, right at the source. Even better, they run quietly (at only 19 dB) and switch themselves on and off automatically, kicking into gear when the temperature registers 90°F, and going on break when things have been cooled down to a more comfortable 88°F. You get the double benefit of well-ventilated equipment, and the money savings that come with electronics that run only when they absolutely need to.

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