Arlington Cam-Kit: Adapt Any Fixture Box for a Custom Dome Camera Installation

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arlington-cam-kitSo, you just got a dome-style security camera. How were you thinking of mounting that thing? As far as I know, there are two choices: get out your hole saw and install a brand new camera mount from scratch, or you can use Arlington’s Cam-Kit™ to adapt an existing fixture box into a custom hanging bracket. No offense to the hole saws out there, but if I already have a perfectly good fixture box installed into a wall, ceiling, or eave, I’m not going to haul out a tool that requires me to wear safety glasses and a mask to avoid Death by Drywall Particulate. Nooooooooooo thank you.

If you haven’t already figured it out, that means that I’m extremely pro Cam-Kit™. Made by Arlington Industries, otherwise known as the Retrofit Geniuses, this adapter set has everything you need to transform an old, unused fixture box into a mount that’s perfect for any dome security camera up to 5 inches in size. Available in round or octagonal versions to suit either shape fixture box, the Cam-Kit™ consists of a crossbar that mounts onto the box itself, as well as a camera base that attaches to your security camera.

Installation is incredibly easy: once you attach each part of the kit to its respective component (as I just mentioned), you just twist the camera base onto the crossbar, tighten the set screw so that nothing budges, and you’re good to go. If you’re wondering how this can possibly work for such a wide range of cameras, it’s easy: you drill your own mounting holes, exactly where you need them.

In letting you take this step of the operation into your own hands, Arlington isn’t being lazy on their end – they’re actually doing you a favor. Ever tried to to force a “universal fit” accessory to conform to the item you purchased it for? No fun. You’re way better off zipping your power drill through the mount yourself. All of the holes will line up, and remember, you already avoided hole saw work, so what’s the big deal about a few seconds with a power drill? Nada.

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