Ideal Aqua-Gel Cold Weather Cable Lubricant: Because Winter is No Time to Stop Pulling Cables

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aqua-gel-cold-weather-cable-lubricantEarly this morning, I e-mailed my grandfather to say “hi,” but not sooner had I started typing than I realized I really didn’t have much news to report from the homefront. The culprit of my life’s suffocating mundanity? Winter. It’s like everyone is so busy trying not to freeze their rear ends off that they can’t be bothered to wiggle out from under their Snuggies, much less leave the house. That would involve preheating one’s car, and that’s just too much trouble when it’s in the single digits even before you figure in wind chill. Ugh.

After clicking “send” on the world’s shortest catch-up e-mail, I took a quick jaunt to the local news website, only to see that despite the weather, construction crews are currently under the gun to finish a pretty ambitious addition that’s being built onto one of the hospitals in town. So I guess that life and work do go on, even below freezing.

All of this reminded me of a very interesting new product that we recently added to the roster: a cable pulling lubricant that’s designed to stay fluid and flexible even in temps that are low enough to stiffen your fingers and toes. Ideal Aqua-Gel CW (that stands for “cold weather”) cable lube stays comfortably unfazed in temperatures as low as -25°F, so that cables don’t freeze into the conduit mid-pull, and work can go on as usual.

Aqua-Gel CW has a polymer-based formula that not only doesn’t freeze, but also stays semi-fluid when “dry”, so that the cables you apply it to can be easily repulled or removed at a later date, without a second application. It’s formulated to cling strongly to cables for the duration of long pulls, but is easily cleaned up with soap and water when you’re done. The only way this stuff could help you work better in the cold would be if it made you coffee and cocoa.

For all of you outdoor cabling contractors who will stop at nothing to be productive, you’ve just met your new best friend. To the rest of you, sorry. It looks like snow days are a thing of the past. Now that I think of it, I should probably drop by the hospital construction zone and see if the guys could use a case of this… as soon as I can put down my Snuggie.

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