ACT Cobra Low Profile Cable Ties: No More Snagging

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act-cobra-cable-tiesSo there you are, bundling wires with zip ties like there’s no tomorrow. You’re carefree, you’re getting things done – as a matter of fact, it’s pretty much all fun and games until… somebody gets snagged by a cable tie. That “somebody” might be your sweater cuff, a cable, one of the rails inside your server enclosure, you name it. But one thing’s for sure: that snaggage is annoying, and if it hasn’t caused outright damage, it’s at the very least slowing you down. As my old friends Winnie the Pooh and Alton Brown like to say, “Oh bother.”

ACT Fastening Solutions has heard our collective cable management lament, and responded with the creation of Cobra® Low Profile Cable Ties. Like the snake they’re named after, these “zero-clearance” cable ties have a flat head, which results in a smooth profile that won’t “bite” into skin or cable insulation, or get snagged on fabric, conduit, or nearby fixtures. Once wrapped and secured around a cable bundle, low profile Cobra® cable ties lay flat around the entire circumference, with just the tiniest bit of thickening where the head is. No sudden elevation jump with sharp corners – just a smooth band all the way around. That low profile head also hides the sharp, cut edge after you’ve trimmed away the excess – once you snip the end, the cut edge just slides back into the head for a perfectly snag-free finish.

Another nice thing about ACT Cobra® ties is that they’re safe and easy to remove. Whereas you generally have to jam a pair of scissors between tie and cables to remove a standard zip tie, you just snip the top crossbar to release the Cobra® tie. This prevents you from accidentally slicing into nearby cables, which is never a good thing.

And lastly, I can’t forget to mention that Cobra® ties have excellent tensile strength, and are even tamper-proof, thanks to a pawl that’s located on the underside of the cable tie’s head. Add up all their benefits, and these cable ties are a smart (and safe) addition to almost any environment: home, office, data center, marina, school, and even playground.

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  2. Which type of Cobra Low Profile Cable Ties provide on your website? Can you explain the different between cobra cable tie and standard cable tie?

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