STI SpecSeal Flame Retardant Cable Spray: Give Vital Cables a Fighting Chance When Fire Strikes

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sti-specseal-flame-retardant-cable-sprayWhen you ask people what they’d save in a fire, the answers are usually pretty obvious: kids, spouses, pets, photo albums, jewelry boxes – maybe even a laptop, if there were time and room enough to tuck it under your arm. Our instinct is to save the things dearest to us, or items we rely heavily on. It’s no too hard to name what you’d rescue in a house fire, but what if your business were to burn?

Among all of the critical business tools that you could lose in a fire, have you ever thought of the data and electrical cables that keep you powered and connected to the outside world? When large groupings of cable (like what you’d find filling a cable tray) ignite, they’re not only destroyed – they also pose a large flame-spread threat to the rest of your office or facility. Keep cables from catching fire or sustaining heat damage, and you’ll not only reduce your losses, you’ll spare yourself extra downtime, as well.

So now comes the big question: how do you prevent cables from igniting in the first place? The answer: SpecSeal® Flame Retardant Cable Spray from STI. This latex-based, asbestos- and halogen-free product is sprayed onto cables to create a thin, fire-resistant coating that prevents heat damage to cables, and lessens their chances of propagating flame spread.

SpecSeal® Cable Spray is specifically designed for cables that are/will be grouped together, and has been formulated in such a way that it won’t re-emulsify after initial drying (so once it’s dry, it stays dry, and won’t become tacky or sticky in the presence of humidity). It also maintains a decent degree of flexibility once it’s dry, so it isn’t difficult to remove or reconfigure cables post-application.

SpecSeal® Cable Spray contains no solvents, so there’s nothing in it that will break down cable jackets and insulation. It also contains a high proportion of solids, so it covers better than any other comparable product on the market. Just spray on an even coat with an airless sprayer, and take comfort in knowing that one of the most vital behind-the-scenes players in your business – your cabling system – is far better equipped to take the heat.

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