Leviton Acenti Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Plates: Icing on the Cake for Modern Decor

December 28, 2010 by
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leviton-acenti-stainless-wallplateTwo and a half weeks ago, my husband and I wrapped up our final DIY project of 2010: making our wallpapered, dark-paneled kitchen a little (actually, a lot) easier to look at. While the rest of our little house has a good dose of original 1920s charm, the kitchen had fallen victim to several decades worth of “cheapest way out” fixes, and was more or less begging for mercy. So we scraped layer after scary layer of wallpaper, and then sanded, primed and painted the heck out of the wood paneling beneath. After that, all that was left to do was put in a backsplash where there had been none before.

So, in order to keep things vintage-but-not-too-old-fashioned and stay in harmony with the age of the house, we used some faux pressed-tin tiles to complete the look (for the record, they look awesome). They’re modern and “old school” all at once, and are even kind enough to match our brushed nickel cabinet hardware. So believe me, the last thing we wanted to do was screw up the whole look by slapping white plastic wall plates back onto the outlets once our “metal” backsplash was installed.

The solution? Brushed stainless steel wallplates, like this one from Leviton‘s Acenti line. They’re sleek, beautiful, allow for a flawless transition between electrical outlets and the stainless steel decor surrounding them, and compared to a lot of other home upgrades that you could be shelling out for, relatively inexpensive. And what I like about Leviton Acenti stainless wall plates is that they’re available in many more configurations than you’d find at most local home and garden centers. While most retailers typically carry classic single-gang styles (and maybe double-gang if they’re getting really fancy), the Leviton plates are available in up to 6-gang configurations, so you’re covered in almost any conceivable situation, from your kitchen to a large office.


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