Thermo-Shield Tape: The Ultimate “Beat the Heat” Solution for High-Temp Engine Bays

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thermo-shield tapeConsidering the current (and unwelcome) dip in temperature we’re experiencing, the term “extreme heat” is starting to have a very attractive ring to it. A nice, toasty day in the sun sounds pretty good right about now, and I don’t think I’d even mind the sunblock and sweat factors involved (for once). Bring it on!

But if I were, say, a hose or cable in an engine bay, the mention of “extreme heat” would probably be enough to send a chill up my spine (if cables and hoses can even be said to have those). That’s because while heat sounds great to winter-striken humans, it’s a much scarier prospect to automotive components, which tend to break down when exposed to too much of the hot stuff.

Engine bay temps, particularly in highly-specialized work and military vehicles, tend to soar way above what makes us melt contentedly on beach vacations. I’m talking hundreds of degrees – and depending on the environments they’re used in, sometimes more. More than a little of that, and plastic and rubber parts start to dry out, crack and crumble. It’s pretty much a death sentence for the vital components under the hood… so how do you get around that?

Thermo-Shield Tape ought to do the trick. Made up of a fiberglass-aluminum composite and backed with a seriously heat-resistant adhesive, this stuff is able to deflect as much as 90% of radiant heat away from the critical components it’s wrapped around. It’s quite the multitasker, considering that it not only finagles its way around parts that can’t be disconnected, but can also be used to terminate heat shrink and braided sleeving in a very professional and heat-tolerant manner. And did I mention that Thermo-Shield is stable up to 2000°F? If that isn’t enough for you, there’s also a double-thick version… that should put your mind at ease.

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