Richco Richflex: Finally, Wire Duct That Turns Anywhere Your Cables Need To

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richco-richflexPoor Wire Duct. Nobody ever looks at it twice. It always shows up and does its job, but the people who depend on it most are always drawn to the “prettier,” more interesting things in the room, like the shiny server enclosures, or all of the electronics with their displays and flashy LED lights. Let’s face it: if the typical networking environment were a school dance, wire loom would be the one who stood unnoticed in the corner all night.

But believe it or not, I just did a double-take… and at a piece of wire duct, no less. Not because it was shiny or unbelievably good looking, but because if its very unique talent: bending. Bendable wire duct? Yes, you heard me right , and I no, am not pulling your leg. Wire duct, always known for being on the uptight and rigid side (structurally speaking) has now loosened up, become a lot more flexible, and started going by the name “Richflex.”

If you haven’t already figured out why Richco┬« Richflex is so great, I’ll tell you: cable runs, on occasion, have to bend. Into corners, out of corners, around corners… you get the idea. But put them in a stick-straight piece of wire duct, and the bending part gets tricky. It usually involves cutting the wire duct where the bend needs to occur, and then splicing the pieces back together with preformed plastic elbows. It’s a drag.

That’s why the thought of flexible wire duct is enough to bring a thrill of joy to the cable installer’s heart – no cutting, no custom splicing; just a quick flick of the wrist, and Richflex goes in the direction you need it to. All of this bendability even applies to Richflex’s “fingers” – whenever you need to break a cable away from the rest of the run, just bend a rung aside to make the transition easier.

see the magic for yourself


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