Bongo Ties: The All-Natural Way to Bundle Everything From Cables to Sports Equipment

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bongo tiesGreen is the new black, and these days, it seems like there’s a more environmentally-friendly way of doing everything, from changing lightbulbs and doing laundry to driving and remodeling your home. The list of “greener ways” now even extends to cable management, thanks to one sweet, extremely natural product called the BongoTie™.

If George of the Jungle were ever to design a storage/organizational product, this would pretty much be it. For starters, BongoTies fall somewhere between bungee cords and cable ties, both form and function-wise. Add to that their very organic looks (thanks to natural rubber straps and bamboo toggles), and you have something that’s natural, rugged, and as comfortable bundling climbing ropes and camping gear as it is keeping computer cords and studio cables organized.

But don’t let me get off the subject of BongoTies’ greenness: they’re reusable over and over again, and when you get to the point where you just can’t reuse them anymore, you can toss them in good conscience, thanks to the fact that the natural rubber and bamboo they’re made of are totally biodegradable.

Enough about the looks and overall greenery: you probably want to know how these things work (understandable). BongoTies™ are essentially big, ultra-stretchy (they go from 5″ to 22″) rubber bands that wrap around whatever you need to bundle (cables, sports equipment, hunting/fishing gear) and toggle closed with a button-style bamboo fastener. Super easy. Then, when you’re done with them, just store your BongoTies until another need for them arises (and one will).

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