The Kendall Howard Rack Helper: An Extra Pair of Hands for “I’ll-Do-It-Myselfers”

November 15, 2010 by
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rack-helperIn this world, there are two types of People Who Get Stuff Done. The “Do-It-Yourselfers,” and the “I’ll-Do-It-Myselfers.” I’m the latter. I don’t know exactly why, but I hate asking for and/or accepting help. I’m always ready to lend other people a helping hand, but this project I’m working on? I’m fine, thank you very much – you can stop hovering in concern and go away now. It can be putting together a bulky piece of furniture, hanging a huge, heavy picture on the wall (without being able to find the hook), or painting a spot that’s just a little out of reach, even when I’m standing on a chair. It’s stupid, actually. Pretty pathetic. But I figure that at least the risk is pretty low – I only act like this with my own stuff, and if I screw up, I’m the only one who will be put out.

I would never do this if I were, say, a professional network or A/V installer who happens to rackmount other people’s really expensive new electronics on a regular basis. Trying tackling a job like that alone, and you could end up in a situation that calls for way more than an embarrassed “Oopsie.” Rackmounting heavier components often requires two pairs of hands, but what do you do if there isn’t a sidekick available, or if you (like someone else you know) prefer to work alone?

The product developers at Kendall Howard know that staff can run short and that stubborn people sometimes take singlehanded risks, so they created the Rack Helper, a temporary bracket that’s able to bear the weight of heavy servers and UPSs while you use both of your hands – and all of your focus – to bolt them into a rack. No juggling routines or physical strain: just an extra pair of hands (so to speak) that stay out of your way, and let you work faster and smarter. And if that’s not enough, you’ll love this: the Rack Helper doesn’t charge by the hour, so it can really help you cut down on labor costs.

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