Table Top Relay Racks – The Way to Rack-Mount Electronics When You Don’t Need a Whole Server Rack

November 9, 2010 by
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table top relay rackI think that being faced with server racks and enclosures all the time, I tend to take rack-mounting for granted. Have computer components, recording equipment or a power conditioner? Just bolt it/them into a rack – that’s what everyone does. Or do they? What about the people who have absolutely no extra space to accommodate a full-blown server rack? Or who may have some rackmountable equipment, but not enough to merit the purchase of a full-size enclosure?

My guess is that they balance stuff on desks and table tops, and hope for the best. That can be a little risky, though – think about all of the overheating and general damage that can happen when when stacks of papers and cups of coffee are piled near (or worse, on) your network equipment. Not a pretty thought.

So Bud Industries has decided to stop cringing at all the horrifying what-ifs, and has developed a table-top relay rack for all of those small offices that only need a little bit of rackmounting. No oversized, cumbersome cabinet that takes up too much valuable floorspace, and no wallmount enclosures jutting out into your already limited workspace. Just a compact rack that’s the perfect size (12U – 16U) for the few components that you have, and can be installed right onto a desk, table or media console top without hogging your entire work surface. Safely mounted electronics with no wasted money, and no wasted space. That’s just smart.

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