The CableOrganizer E-Mail Club: Why You’ve Gotta Get in on the Action

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It’s painfully Monday, and my mind keeps drifting toward more fun and diverting times, like this past weekend (which was extra amusing, thanks to Halloween), and even last week, when we ran our E-mail Costume Contest. Never heard of it? In that case, you must not be one of our subscribers. Sounds like someone (that’s you, by the way) has some opting-in to do.

Why sign up to get e-mails from First of all, it’s free. Secondly, it’s all about you. We let you in on new products that we think might be of interest to you, or make your life or job easier. Third, it can save you money. We’ve been known to keep our e-mail subscribers posted on deals, and who doesn’t like getting every chance they can to save money on stuff they need? And last (but absolutely not least), they’re fun. That’s right: fun. As in games and prizes, which we randomly throw out there via e-mail every now and then.

What kind of prizes, you ask? The good stuff: in the past 6 weeks or so, we’ve given away a restaurant gift card, a cake from the nationally-known (Oprah digs them) We Take the Cake bakery, and even donated $1 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for every e-mail game response sent back by our customers. Now that’s my idea of teaming up to make a difference.

But I have to say, my absolute favorite so far has been last week’s Costume Contest. We CableOrganizers are a fun and quirky bunch (to say the least), and we always make the most of Halloween, and tend to get a little competitive costume-wise. So this year, instead of deliberating amongst ourselves, we sent out photos of our top 3 costumed individuals/teams, and let our e-mail subscribers do the judging. Everyone who sent in a vote was entered into a drawing to win one of the Oprah-approved cakes I just mentioned, and now there’s one very lucky gentleman eagerly awaiting a FedEx box full of autumny goodies. And it could have been you, had you only been on our e-mail list…

Don’t miss out on anything else… sign up, and get in on the action!

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