PVC Wire Duct Accessories: Professional Finishing Touches for DIY Wire Duct

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wire-duct-covers-dividersAmong people who work with wire duct or just have a general knowledge of what it is, you’ll most likely hear the opinion that it’s good stuff, and that plenty of cabling situations out there would be total nightmares without it. It’s low profile, gets cables from Point A to Point B in an orderly fashion, and lets you break out wires whenever and wherever you need to along the way. It’s like Super Serious raceway. Except that regular raceway looks better.

I hate to say it, but as great as wire duct is, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing cable management solution out there. It looks kind of, I don’t know… ladder-ish (if you get what I’m saying). Wire duct is full of slots for those cable breakouts that I mentioned before, and unfortunately, the very features that make it so functional are also the things that drag it down in the Beauty Department. I’ve always preferred raceway myself, because I like the fact that it’s so sleek and visually unobtrusive. But then again, I just need it for the cords around my house, not serious cable runs in a heavily wired and networked business. What do those people do when they need the homely virtues of wire duct, but long for a little more polish?

Well, I’m not sure what they used to do, but these days, you can reach for PVC wire duct covers and dividers, which have the power to considerably doll-up any wire duct run both inside and out. Let’s start with the inside: dividers install to keep different cable runs separate in spite of their close proximity (it helps in avoiding confusion during future maintenance), and retaining clips keep wires in place even when the duct cover is removed (you don’t want everything falling out on you and getting mixed up).

And then for the finishing touches: smooth, snap-on covers that transform the very techy, industrial look of wire duct into something a little more sophisticated. It’s a sort of modern-day “Ugly Duckling” story for the cable management world: wire duct has always had inner beauty, it’s just taken a while for it to manifest it on the outside, too.

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