Wire Duct Mounting Rivets: No More Juggling Tools During Wire Duct Installation

October 27, 2010 by
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wire-duct-rivetsAh, the old “How to Get the Wire Duct to Stick to the Wall Long-Term” dilemma. There used to be two options: double-sided adhesive (a favorite of the quick-fixers out there) or drywall screws (for the “do things right now, and you won’t regret it later” crowd). Double-sided adhesive works great if you’ll be going light on the cables and don’t expect the wire duct to stay in one place forever, but if you have longevity and any amount of weight in mind, you’re better off going with the ultimate holding power of drywall screws.

Just one problem: installing wire duct with drywall screws entails a bit of a juggling act. You have to simultaneously hold the wire duct against the wall and keep it level, all while trying to pick up screws and sink them into the sheetrock using a screwdriver or power drill. While there may be someone in the Guinness Book of World Records or Ripley’s Believe it Or Not who actually possesses enough hands and arms for this, it’s pretty much a joke for one average person to install wire duct this way – and that’s why it’s usually done with two.

As it turns out, using 2 installers on a job means paying double in labor. And that, my friends, is never a good thing for one’s bottom line. I’m guessing that that’s what inspired the development of Wire Duct Rivets. These small plastic fasteners anchor wire duct into drywall in seconds, but take only one person to install (can I get a “cha-ching!”?). The process is simple: you just measure the rivet spacing you need, pre-drill holes into the wall, and then go back with you wire duct and pop in the rivets. They install via a lightweight rivet tool that uses a simple push action, which is great for sparing your wrist the repetitive turning of a screwdriver, or the weight of a power drill.

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