Helacon Easy Connectors: Instant Wire Splices Without All the Twisting

October 21, 2010 by
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helacon-application3_smAnd I thought that Wire Nuts® were cool. Sure, those twist-on connectors have been the standard for a long time, and they’ll probably stay that way. But they just got some new competition, and I have to say, I like what I see. Not because I’m disloyal or a slave to the Newest Thing, but because, deep down, I sometimes – just sometimes – have a need for speed, and an affinity for laziness. Wire nuts, while a cinch to use, still require all of that twisting, which was no big deal until I laid eyes on HellermannTyton’s Helacon Easy Connectors. These things use a unique system that turns almost zero effort into amazing results – they’re so easy that it’s really not even fair.

That’s all thanks to the fact that they’re “push-in,” and not “twist-on” – Helacon connectors use a dual-spring system that splices wires as soon as they’re pushed into the connectors’ ports, or poles. No twisting wires together and then screwing on a connector… just strip the conductors, insert into the ports, and you have automatic spliceage. Nice.

In addition to the Effortless Factor, these things are extremely versatile, because they can be used anywhere in the world, in almost any household electrical applications. Use them with receptacles, light fixtures, switches, you name it – as long as you’re working with solid wire in the range of 12-22 AWG, you’re good to go. Helacon push-in wire connectors are also available with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 8 poles, so you can choose exactly what you need, instead of improvising your way through a job with just one product at hand. How easy is that?


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