Child Safety Kit: Keeping Curious Little Hands Away from Outlets, Drawers, and Other Accidents Waiting to Happen

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child-safety-kit-smEvery once in a while, I have an “I-Can’t-Believe-I-Haven’t-Blogged-About-That-One-Yet” epiphany, and the one that hit me today has to do with our Child Safety Kit. My husband and I recently moved into a new house, and are planning to have a little shindig with the friends and fam to officially break in the new digs. I’ve been making a mental checklist of things I have to do between now and the party: get rid of the ugly kitchen wallpaper and finish the backsplash so that everyone will be impressed, Scotchgard the new sofa so I don’t have a conniption if anyone spills something on it during the festivities, and make sure that I move my kitchen knives and cleaning products to higher ground before my 2-year-old little buddy (our friend’s son) gets curious (which he will) and hurts himself.

And then the light bulb switched on – the Child Safety Kit! It’s a little invention we came up to protect curious babies and kids from pretty much any potential dangers they can encounter from everyday household objects. We combined a few obvious childproofing products like drawer latches, furniture corner shields and outlet blockers and combined them with out-of-the-ordinary things like safety receptacles, tamper-proof extension cords and cable winders for whole-house protection.

With this childproofing arsenal, you can limit kid access to (and thereby increase the safety factor of) all kinds of dangerous household objects, like cutlery, cleaning chemicals, electrical outlets, and even cord slack, which can be a tripping hazard, and give babies a quick and easy way to pull lamps and other devices off of tables or desks and onto themselves. The world can be such a dangerous place for curious little kids – it’s a wonder that they manage to stay so happy and cute. It’s our job to keep them that way.

Check out a video demonstration of our child safety kits, which, coincidentally, stars yours truly. I’m thinner now.

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