Flex-Tab Raceways – No More Escaped Cables During Installation

October 13, 2010 by
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flex tab racewayAs a rule, I’m a fan of raceway. It’s low-profile, visually unobtrusive, and most types will even graciously accept a coat of latex paint, all the better to blend in with their surroundings. It’s equally at home in your living room or office, and thanks to some creative fittings, you can even bend it in and out of corners, or create custom intersections. It’s a solid product.

The only problem is keeping cables in place while you try to snap the raceway’s lid shut – it’s kind of a juggling routine. One hand has to keep the wires stuffed into the channel yet clear of the lid’s hinge, while the other tries to actually close the lid – a job that, in and of itself, would much rather be completed with two hands. What’s an overextended cable organizer to do?

In a nutshell, try 2-Piece Flex Tab Raceways. On the surface, they look like typical 1-piece latching raceway, but there’s a secret hidden inside: two flexible tabs that fold over the cables to keep them in place while you dedicate both hands to the task of popping on the cover. The tabs really come in handy for any installation, but you’re really going to appreciate them when you’re trying to defy gravity with overhead-ceiling raceway.

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