Grip Wrap: The Braided Wraparound Sleeving That Can Change Sizes Along the Way

October 6, 2010 by
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grip-grap-braided-sleevingBraided sleeving is a great product for customizing, organizing and protecting cables and hoses, but if there are large connectors involved or you need cable breakouts along the way, it can have its limitations. Sure, there are side-slit, wrap-style braided sleevings that you can use, but these either use their molded-in, heat-treated contours to stay “closed,” or otherwise rely on hook-and-loop edging, which tends to add bulk and can only be sealed edge-to-edge, regardless of whether or not a snug fit has been achieved.

All that said, side-entry braided sleeving has recently become a lot more, well, usable, thanks to the invention of Grip Wrap. Grip Wrap braided sleeving may look like other wraparound sleevings out there, but has one ingenious little difference: do you remember that hook-and-loop edging we just talked about? It’s built into the edge of Grip Wrap, too, but this time, it’s only the hook part. That all-hook edging is actually able to bond right to the outer surface of the sleeving, at absolutely any point. No more being a slave to hook and loop strips that have to match up with each other in order to work – now, you just wrap your sleeving until it’s as tight as you want, and then press the hook edge against the rest of the covered cable bundle. That’s it.

Not only do you get a bulk-free custom fit, you can also break cables out anywhere along the way, or just make things tighter or looser as needed. I don’t know about you, but if I can get a bunch of things done with a single product instead of multiple versions of it, I’m going to take the single product. And this would be it.

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