Robertshaw Programmable Thermostats: Don’t Let Utility Bills Soar Just Because the Temperature Drops

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robertshaw-9700i-thermostatIn honor of the fact that Autumn, my very favorite season, is just one day away, today we’re going to talk programmable thermostats, which are about to come very much in handy as temperatures soon begin to drop. Sure, we’re in that perfect place where it’s a little too cool for AC yet way too warm to turn on the heat, and you probably want to just sit back and enjoy this brief lull in utility abuse. But don’t let next month’s lower electric bill fool you into a false sense of security: colder times are ahead. Before you get too caught up in caramel apples, jack-o-lanterns and diving into piles of leaves, it’s time to get down to business.

Fall is the perfect time to evaluate the energy efficiency of your home, by checking the seals around doors and windows, switching over to insulating thermal window treatments, and maybe even installing a programmable thermostat. If you didn’t move into a newer house that was already equipped with one, a digital thermostat like Robertshaw‘s Invensys 9700i might seem like an unnecessary investment – after all, what’s wrong with turning a dial? But in reality, it’s a little too easy to turn that dial and crank the heat higher than it needs to be. With cranked heat comes cranked utility bills, and often, wasted energy. You shouldn’t be paying for what you don’t really need.

Living greener at home (and saving money) has a lot to do with making slight adjustments to your heating and cooling habits, and those adjustments are made far easier with programmable thermostats, which let you limit and maintain holding temperatures, instead of constantly fiddling with them. And one really cool thing about the Robertshaw 9700i Thermostat is that you can actually program you heating (or cooling) 7 days out, according to what your schedule is like, and when you’ll be home. That means that you can set it to let the temp drop right after you normally leave for work, and bring it back up to a more comfortable place just before you’re due to arrive home. It’s kind of like having a digital, money-saving butler – except it doesn’t get a salary.

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