Gator Rolling Laptop Case: Damage-Free Transport for Up to 8 Laptops

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gator-rolling-laptop-caseI moved last week – a whopping 3 miles away from my old house. But from the way that I panicked over the general safety and transport of my laptop, you’d think I was about to go base jumping with the thing strapped to my back. In answer to what you’re probably asking yourself right now, no, I didn’t have the foresight to purchase, say, a laptop case when I got the computer, so the 5-minute drive through some of the tamest streets in the continental US started looking like the thrill rides I so desperately avoid.

I ended up packing the darn thing in the exact middle of an oversized laundry basket full of clean, folded clothes. But I wouldn’t surrender it to the boys who were tossing the rest of our stuff into the back of a pickup truck – instead, I gave the laptop-padding laundry basket the passenger seat of my car, and then personally carried it into the new digs and unloaded it myself. Ridiculous, I know, but how would you feel if your notebook computer was destroyed?

Luckily, apart from moving, it stays home and doesn’t travel, but I’m starting to feel for people who have to regularly fly with a laptop, or even multiple laptops. That has to be a little stressful – plenty of businesspeople have their entire lives (or careers, at least) stored in their notebooks. Luckily, the designers at Gator know a thing or two about electronics transportation, and have come up with the perfect solution: the Roto-Molded rolling laptop case.

Granted, the since the Gator Rolling laptop case can accommodate up to 8 laptops, it’s more than most solo business travelers need, but it’s perfect for government and military transport, or for traveling to trade shows with multiple company-owned laptops. The rotationally-molded polyethylene outer shell is super tough, and the case’s interior is lined with dense foam that’s compartmentalized for 8 laptops, as well as accessories. And just because they knew that these cases will most likely be flying, Gator has equipped them with built-in release valves, which equalize internal and external air pressure during altitude changes. Pretty smart.

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