Helagaine Braided Sleeving: All the EMI Protection of Metal, None of the Stiffness

September 15, 2010 by
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helagaine-emi-sleevingThere was a time when you had two choices, braided sleeving-wise: you could have metal, which had tough-guy good looks and shielded against EMI, but was less than ideal in the flexibility department (way too stiff). Or there was plastic, which was flexible and abrasion-resistant, but couldn’t do a thing to block interference. Both types are great in their own respects, but if you needed the characteristics of both, it was more or less a “pick your poison” scenario.

Enter HellermannTyton and their braided sleeving brainchild, otherwise known as Helagaine. It makes me wonder if the stuff was named by someone from NoCal, because with this stuff, you get hella gains over what you might with a less brilliant product. Okay, that was pretty bad, but what did you think of when you read that name? Thought so.

Anyway, here’s the deal: Helagaine braided sleeving combines the best attributes of both metal and plastic-based braids into one sweet sleeving that has the flexibility and almost glove-like fit of a plastic expandable braid, but the sleekly badass appearance and EMI-repellant powers of a stainless steel or copper sleeving. It’s great for radio equipment, heavy machinery and military vehicles whose cables need a little extra something in the way of protection, but can’t settle for a sloppy fit. Or, you could just use it to snazz up some hoses or wiring for your boat or custom car.

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