Panduit Global Professional Thermal Analysis: Get Your Data Center Chill On

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Okay, okay, I know that I’m technically supposed to be talking about the awesomest products out there, but today I came across a service that’s so cool (literally) that I have to tell you about it. If you’re in the data center/IT world, then you know that thermal management is a pretty hot topic (wow, I have to stop with these temperature puns). Between the current push toward energy efficiency and the ever-increasing density of server room equipment, it can be a real balancing act trying to keep things cool and functional without being slapped with the dreaded “anti-green” or “Naughty, Naughty Energy Waster” labels. If adequate yet efficient thermal management is keeping you up at night, you might want to bring in a professional – and now, it turns out, you can order one online.

Yes, you heard me. By doing nothing more than filling out a super quick online form, you can get the ball rolling to have a real, live thermal analysis pro from Panduit visit your actual facility, to evaluate what you’re doing right, and determine where your thermal management plan could use a little improvement. We’re talking guidance – sound, professional guidance. Advice from someone who can see your data center firsthand, instead of general guidelines given by someone who’s never even set foot in your state. It’s tempting, I know.

When your own personal thermal management pro shows up, they’ll map out airflow patterns, make sure that cooling equipment is correctly installed, locate possible hotspots, and determine how efficient your rack/enclosure configuration is. And yes, they’ll talk with you. Of course they’ll leave behind maps and charts for you to refer to later, but while they’re on your turf, they’re available to answer questions, demonstrate and explain, so that you can be confident in the information you receive and how to implement it.

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