STI Power Shield Electrical Box Inserts: Stick-On Fire Protection for Outlets, Switches and Wiring

September 3, 2010 by
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power-shield-box-insertsWow- it feels like lately, I can’t stop talking about fire protection products or Mike Holmes. Up to now, the two subjects have remained separate, but today, they’re colliding in this very blog post. Last week, I was watching yet another episode of Holmes on Homes during yet another treadmill workout, and one of Mike’s contractor pals took the trouble to wrap the backs of new electrical boxes with these flexible sheets of intumescent material, the kind that expands and hardens when exposed to fire, so that smoke and flame can’t spread too far from where they originate. Pretty neat stuff, considering that electrical wiring is a prime source of heat, sparks, and other nasty fire-starting things. Suffice it to say I was impressed at the contractor’s overall safety-mindedness and attention to detail.

Anyway, lo and behold, a few days later, I found out that we actually just started selling a product that’s very similar to the one used on the show. It’s called the Power Shield electrical box insert, and it’s perfect for maximizing the safety of outlet boxes, switches, and other electrical assemblies in fire-rated walls. And best of all, it’s super easy to use: just peel off the backing, and smooth the adhesive side of it against the rear wall of your electrical box. Once in place, it won’t cause any damage to your wiring (it’s non-conductive), and when exposed to fire, will have the ability to expand to up to 24 times its original size to contain flames and smoke.

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