HDMI Adapters: Quit Bending HDMI Cables to Point Break

August 26, 2010 by
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vanco-hdmi-adapterThese days, on the home entertainment cabling front, no one settles for anything less than HDMI. We’ve tossed our 3-part component and composite cables, and now only have eyes for the one-connector, all-inclusive digital wonder that is HDMI. Then why do we treat our HDMI cables so badly?

You know what I’m taking about. The way we smash and twist them to fit behind our shiny HDTVs. The way we bend them at angles that would make most contortionists shudder. Come on, people – HDMI cables have feelings, too! Well, maybe not feelings, but they do have very specific bend radius needs… needs that we, selfish entertainment hounds that we are, are constantly ignoring.

Ummmmmmm, bend radius? Yes, bend radius. It’s the term that describes how tightly you can bend a cable before it cries “Uncle!” and either starts losing signal, or just stops working completely. As far as HDMIs go, there’s no such thing as partial signal loss, like you might get with a data cable. They just quit on you altogether. Sigh. Sounds like it’s time to clean up our acts, and start treating our home theater cables with a little more respect.

If you’re worried that this self-improvement is going to mean moving your TV for the benefit of your HDMI cable, it doesn’t. No compromise there. But it is going to take a little thing called an HDMI adapter, which is designed to snap right onto the end of an HDMI cable, and into the device of your choice. Sound like no big whoop? I’m not done yet. Vanco is making a line of special HDMI adapters that bend, swivel and rotate at the connector level, so that your cable remains straight (or almost straight) no matter how you need to position it, and keeps those gorgeous audio and video signals moving right along. Okay… now I’m done…

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