Crossbar Mounting System: There Should Always Be Room for You at Your Desk

crossbar-mounting-systemEver think about how much junk it takes to be “efficient?” Let’s see… you’ve got multiple computer monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, a phone, a cell phone, designated “in” and “out” boxes (maybe more if you’re super “organized”), office supplies, peripherals, and of course, a nice big bucket of coffee to give you enough energy to try and work around all of that space-eating stuff. Call me old-fashioned, but as soon a you can’t rest your elbows on your desk because there are too many business tools in your way, there’s a problem.

Whatever happened to the days when you could prop a book on your desktop if you needed to, or maybe a stack of papers that needed perusing? When you could find a clear spot on your worksurface where you could set down and actually sign an expense report, without your pen running off the edge? They may feel long gone, but you’re about to get them back, compliments of the Crossbar Mounting System.The Crossbar is an extremely cool workspace accessory that mounts right onto the back of your desk, and gives you a strong, elevated horizontal bar on which to mount everything that’s been cramping your work style. Flat-panel computer monitors, small peripherals, even mail trays and organizers – they can all be made to hover gracefully above your work surface, instead of hogging it and making things cluttered.

The Crossbar Mounting System is made of sleek, shiny aluminum and steel, so it’s a great modern-looking complement to flat panel monitors and other office tech. Once it’s installed and everything is attached, all of your work accessories are located at eye level, right in front of you, so you can see everything at a glance, and still have plenty of free desktop space to actually make yourself comfortable and get things done.

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