Camo Gear Wrapz – Getting Organized the Manly Way

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camo-gear-wrapzTalking about the Wedgee® Organizer in my last blog post got me thinking about other ways to wrangle outdoor gear, and it came to in a flash of lightening: Camo Gear Wrapz. Now, while the Wedgee is great for general audiences, Camo Gear Wrapz™ are geared toward a decidedly masculine demographic. Not to say that there aren’t any girls out there who would get a kick out of them, too, but generally speaking, dudes dig these.

My husband has been on an extended camouflage kick for about 3 years now. Camo golf bag, camo cell phone holder, camo backpack, camo pants… you get the idea. Last Christmas, I was stumped for stocking stuffers, until I came across Camo Gear Wrapz at work. While they’re great for soldiers who have to bundle and unbundle gear in the field without making noise, I thought that my civilian husband might be able to get an equal amount of mileage out of them on hunting, fishing and camping trips.

In short, he freaked – he thinks they’re the coolest thing ever. And it turns out that guys of all ages want in on the action. A couple of weeks ago, Captain Camo and I were roaming through a local sporting goods store with our two nephews, ages 5 and 12. While both boys are into all things manly, the 5 year old wholeheartedly believes that he will enter into full-fledged, dedicated Ninja training as soon as he turns 6. He spied a bag of camo straps, picked them up to investigate, and promptly exclaimed “Whoooooaaaaa!!!! …. ummmmm, can you buy these for me?”

Apparently, they’re perfect for the storage and transport of ninja weapons, plus they have the added bonus of silent operation (they’re rubber with plastic toggle closures). Because we all know that stealth is of the essence when you’re trying to sneak around strapped with swords and nunchucks.

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