Wire Trak: On-a-Roll Raceway that Assembles Itself

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wire-trak-raceway-rollLadies and Gents, they’ve done it again. I don’t know what it is about rolled raceway that’s always blown my mind, but the stuff is cool. I really dig the fact that someone took a functional and versatile product that had a few dimension-based shipping and storage issues, and found a way to smoosh it flat, roll it up, and put it in a box. But now it’s gotten even better.

I just became acquainted with a new rolled raceway by the name of Wire Trak™. Unlike the other raceway-on-a-roll type products out there, Wire Trak puts itself together – literally. Whereas with other brands you dispense a length of flattened raceway from the box, cut it off and fold it into its intended 3D shape, Wire Trak has it all under control – all you do is pull out what you need, cut, and stick it into place.

The actual assembly/shaping is all left up to the packaging, believe it or not. Where you’d normally find a dispensing slot on most cut-to-length raceway boxes, there’s a patented raceway former built into the Wire Trak™ box, which pops the flat Wire Trak into shape as it’s pulled from the package. Sounds pretty cool, does it not? It’s a major time saver, because it frees you from having to painstakingly fold feet or yards of raceway into a perfectly rectangular channel. Origami for the sake of origami is one thing, but who wants to master the art of folding just to hide a few cables?

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