Wire Guards: Armor for Indoor/Outdoor Vertical Cables

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wire-guardsCovering up and routing cable runs has always seemed like such a no-brainer… just reach for a few sticks of raceway, right? Not so fast. What if the cables you want to cover up are running down an outdoor surface? That’s a little trickier. Raceway typically adheres to surfaces by way of an adhesive backing – one that only works in nice temperature-controlled indoor spaces. One look at a rain cloud or the beating sun, and it would wilt and fall right off the wall. Time for something tougher. Time for Wire Guards.

I really like it when I’m surprised by the simplicity of a very effective product, and that’s definitely the case with these. Wire Guards are basically just extruded plastic arch-shaped channels with flanges down either side. That’s it. The channels are laid over the cable or cables of your choice, and then the flanges, which are pre-punched for nails or screws, are fastened down to the surface. The cables are held in place, and get a layer of lightweight armor to boot, so they’re considerably more resistant to the unwanted advances of weather, pecking birds, and even bored kids in search of something to mess with.

Wire Guards are terrific for exposed outdoor power cables, speaker wires, and the Cable TV coaxial cable running down the side of your house. They would even be great for use in semi-finished basements, if you need to run wire along a wall surface. And as far as size goes, you can take your pick – Wire Guards can be narrow enough to provide cover for just one wire, or wide enough to fit over an entire cable bundle.

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  1. Robert Rael on Mon, 23rd Jun 2014 5:40 pm
  2. Finally found what I need to cover the exposed low voltage wires on the side of the house!

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