Twister 341 Wire Connectors: One-Size-Fits-All Wire Splices

July 9, 2010 by
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twister-tan-smWire splices are pretty easy to knock out, especially if you’re using twist-on wire connectors. You just strip the wires, give them a light twist, and screw on the connector, right? There’s just one thing… you always need to have different-sized wire connectors on hand for different wire gauge ranges. Forget about carrying around one box of tiny loose parts – you have to carry along two or three, just to make sure you’re covered. Annoying.

Well, Wire Splicing’s annoyance factor has just been taken down quite a few notches by Ideal‘s Twister® 341® wire connectors. Unlike the usual gauge-specific wire nuts out there, these babies are practically one-size-fits-all, but they’re a heck of a lot cooler than those tacky $5 tourist t-shirts that bear the same description. Twister 341s are designed to accommodate wires ranging anywhere from #22 to #8 AWG, which, in regular speak, means most common wire sizes, whether they’re thin or on the chunky side.

Aside from their versatility, I also really like the fact that Twister 341 wire connectors have two built-in wings, which help you to get a better grip for easier twist-ons. Inside, the splice spring is actually square-shaped, which gives you a sturdy connection that won’t shake loose from vibration over time. And then they’re the extra long strip of plastic “skirting” along the bottom edge, which gives you improved dielectric coverage to contain possible flash-overs.

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