Pro 500 Tape: Come Convention or Trade Show, That Carpet Won’t Budge

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Protapes-500-seriesI like double-sided tape. Really, I do. But up to now, all I’ve had the guts to use it for is making collages and picture boards. Sure, I know that it’s a good way to hold light duty cord covers down on the floor, but knowing me, I’d give one good unintentional kick, and the whole thing would come loose. Let’s face it – there’s an awful lot of double-sided tape out there that just can’t stand up to a klutz. But I just found one that can.

It’s called Pro 500 Tape, and if that doesn’t sound tough, I don’t know what does. I think it’s an unwritten rule that all things serious and industrial-strength have to have alpha-numeric names, and this one fits the bill. But it’s not just Pro 500′s name that means business – its epically strong adhesive and almost-impossible-to-rip-backing aren’t joking around either.

To put it in a nutshell, this stuff is trade show strength. You can walk/stomp across whatever Pro 500 tape is holding down – be it carpet, a cord cover, or wire duct – and said object will stay in place. This is all thanks to a hyper-aggressive adhesive that achieves 2½ pounds worth of adhesion per square inch, which happens to be coating a woven cotton fabric that takes a quite a bit of trouble to tear. The result? Rock-solid carpet and cord cover tacking that won’t give up and run home after a few clumsies trip over it.

And then there’s that rule of thumb that says if a product is used in aircraft construction, it’s generally pretty sound stuff. Pro 500 tape is both. Suffice it to say, I’d trust it with my cord covers.

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