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chief-ceiling-mountHere’s to the Man Cave, that magical realm of testosterone where beer, nachos and video games reign supreme. Where there’s always a rack of pool cues at arm’s reach, and a live sporting event on TV. Where you can work on your Shelby Cobra kit car in peace, and get crumbs on the floor if you darn well feel like it.

Every guy has a different idea of what his personal Planet Man should be like. While I, being female, don’t have anything special in mind, the Dude’s Dude I’m married to has tons of ideas, but he’s mostly riding the fence between the Blowout Tiki Bar, and the “So Manly and Full of Diamond Plate That it Would Make Chip Foose and the Entire Overhaulin’ Crew Pee Their Pants in Envy” Garage.

But of all the types of Man Caves out there, there’s a single common denominator that all of them share: a TV. Preferably of the flatscreen HD variety. And no girly Pottery Barn entertainment consoles, here: that baby’s going on the wall, or better yet, hanging from the ceiling, sports bar-style. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah.

If at this point you’re grinning and nodding your head along in agreement, but at the same time furrowing your brow and thinking: “But how the heck am I supposed to do that?”, allow me. All you need is the Chief® Flat Panel Ceiling Mount. If you’re handy (and what Man Cave master isn’t?), this ceiling mount is pretty easy to install, and won’t require to you to use any expensive or out-of-the-ordinary tools.

What I really like about this Chief® mount is that it makes it super easy to adjust the screen to the perfect angle. A technology by the name of Centris™ lets you adjust your TV using only the pressure of your fingertips, and once it’s positioned, it won’t budge until you decide to move it again. I’m really into this feature, because flat screens are pretty heavy, and you wouldn’t want to worry about your TV spontaneously “readjusting” itself under its own weight. After all, it’s pretty tricky trying climb up and fix that when you’ve just knocked back half a pizza and some wings.

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