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CamView-PTX_multi-function-testerThere was a time when testing a security network meant accessing each and every camera individually, so you could calibrate the PanTiltZoom (PTZ) functions and and make sure that the image frames and clarity were exactly the way they were supposed to be. Security cameras still need to be checked to ensure that they’re on the proper settings, but Triplett’s CamView PTZ makes things a little easier – okay, a lot – by cutting out the visits to every camera on the circuit.

Following the lead of the remote testers that are commonly used to map and troubleshoot data networks, the CamView PTZ lets installers and maintenance techs connect to the security network via an RS-485, RS-422 or RS-232 interface to remotely view the settings for, and images from, each individual camera – all on one handheld unit. It’s a huge time-saver.

The main feature on the Triplett CamView is a 2.6″ TFT-LCD display, which allows you to quickly navigate through tests for all of the camera’s PTZ modes, functions and settings, and also gives you a clear, full-color view of the images being shot by the camera. You basically get the inside scoop on all of your surveillance system’s operations without having to physically drag a ladder and tester around to each camera location. You can also check video cables, recorders and monitors while you’re at it, so this is a terrific all-in-one option. The only way it can possibly get any better is if you do the old Robert De Niro Meet the Parents “I’m watching you” hand signal while you’re testing shot frames and image quality. I highly recommend it.

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