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Hawk_cables-sEver since I got into the cable management business, I’ve come to think of heavy duty cord covers as being essential wherever pedestrians, vehicles, and ground-level cables need to harmoniously coexist. They keep wires and hoses from the irreversible damage that happens when they’re trampled underfoot by pedestrians (or run over by carts, cars and trucks), and they protect people, too – any of you ever tripped over a power cord?

There’s just one small hitch – heavy duty polyurethane cord covers can require a hefty startup investment if you need more than a few. Say that you belong to a small organization (like a school, church, or not-for-profit organization) that needs to put on a special event. Say that at this special event, there will be power and data cords running all over the ground, to hook up speakers, computers, video displays, and maybe the odd cotton-candy machine or two. Add to those cables a bunch of event attendees who probably won’t be looking where they step, and you have some serious liabilities on your hands. You need industrial-grade cord covers to keep things safe, but don’t have the budget to actually purchase them. What do you do?

We realized that the Need vs. Cost issue can be a problem for some organizations, so we’ve come up with a solution: rentals. If your business is located in the greater Fort Lauderdale/Miami metro area, you now have the option to rent Electriduct Hawk cord protectors on a daily basis. No paying full purchase price or footing hefty shipping bills – just reserve the number of cord protectors you need, drop by our warehouse to pick them, and bring them back when you’re done. Be sure to check out the details – it’s an option you won’t want to pass up!

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