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cable-boss-staple-gunAhhh, staple guns. For most of my life, I’ve considered them to be the perfect tools for either roofing or shooting goofy burglars in sensitive areas (sorry, looks like Home Alone made a bigger impression than I realized), but now I’m seeing how great they are for running cables. In new constructions, it’s common practice to route low voltage, data, coax and Romex cables along studs, and when you do that, you have to do something to keep them in place. So why not just staple them down?

You do have to be careful, though, because using the wrong staple gun and staples can lead to crushed wiring, and we all know that that’s no good. To keep the fastening easy but still play things safe, opt for a cable-specific staple gun, like the Cable Boss™ from Gardner Bender. Why the Cable Boss™? First of all, it’s built to dispense a particular type of insulated staples that have integrated cable guards, which prevent cabling from being squeezed or crushed. Secondly, the Cable Boss™ staple gun is designed so that you can wield it single-handedly and still prevent your cables from twisting at the same time. This cool little feature is made made possible by two things: a lever-action handle that operates with minimal force, and a rear cable guide that holds the wires down, and in line, for you.

Add to that the fact that this gun can accommodate cables of many shapes and sizes, and you’ve got a great little multitasker that works effectively and cuts down on the number of tools you need to tote between jobs. They don’t call it the Cable Boss™ for nothing.

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