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gorillapodI’ve been a huge fan the Gorillapod digital camera tripod for entire years now, so you’ll understand my ecstatic reaction upon learning that we actually sell the thing. That’s right – I found out that all this time, I’ve been blogging away on other products while my little friend languished deep in our factory outlet, just waiting to be rediscovered.

It all started about 3 years ago, when my Dad was just getting into Skype but having trouble keeping his webcam situated in one place. One day, as I was researching home electronics, I came across a bendy, grippy, camera-holding contraption in a magazine and thought, “well, that will do the trick.” Fast forward a couple of months, and a festively-wrapped Gorillapod with my Dad’s name on it sat under the Christmas tree. Man, was that one a hit!

The Gorillapod is a little weird-looking at first glance, but it really grows on you once you see what it’s capable of. You know that scene in Ocean’s 11 (the remake) where George Clooney and Brad Pitt are scouting for a few last guys for the heist? The end up hearing about a Chinese acrobat who would be perfect for the job, and go to see his troupe perform. It’s totally insane – you have a bunch of acrobats climbing and suspending themselves off of vertical poles at crazy angles, and it doesn’t look like they’ll ever lose their grip or even break a sweat. Well, the same holds true for the Gorillapod. Poles, tree branches, uneven rocks, computer monitors… you name the irregular object or surface, and the Gorillapod’s flexible rubberized tentacles can wrap around or grip it with seemingly no effort, all while holding on to your digital or web camera.

The Gorillapod is perfect for adventurers who need to capture the perfect shot but can’t find a decent place to rest the cameras, as well as for people who just want their webcams to perch on their monitors. Believe me, you’ve got to try it… you’ll never see camera tripods the same way again.

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