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ez-stick-drywall-tapeThe DIY’er in me has found yet another life-easing product to love: EZ Stick Drywall Finishing Tape. What initially meets the eye is run-of-the mill drywall tape, but what you really get is drywall tape with a built-in, super-strong adhesive. I know what you’re thinking: why would you need adhesive if you’re just going to slap the tape up between a few coats of joint compound? Well, listen to this – thanks to the adhesive, you don’t actually need mud for the stick-the-tape-to-the-wall step. To be fair, you still need to apply compound afterward, as usual, but think of how much less goo you’d have to handle – about 30% less!

It works like this: you just wet the EZ Stick tape to activate the adhesive, and then smooth it over sheetrock joints. But here’s the fun part: there are two ways of doing this. If you’re working on a smaller drywall job in your home, you can just cut the tape to size and quickly run it through a dish of water to get the adhesive going. Or, if you’re a pro who’s got a lot more ground to cover, you can always make a use of a very cool accessory: the EZ Stick Drywall Tape Applicator.

This applicator straps onto a belt, so it sits right on your hip. What makes it so unique is that it has a self-contained water bath, so as you dispense the amount of tape you need, it’s pulled through the water bath on its way to the wall. Pretty neat, right? It leaves you with not one but two free hands for tape application. Sign me up.

EZ Stick sheetrock tape has a couple of other interesting features, the first of which is that it creates a seams that’s far stronger than what you’d ordinarily achieve with fiberglass mesh drywall tape. And then there’s its central crease, which makes it really easy to create straight, even corner joints.

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