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glenbeigh-traditional-outlet-bronzeI don’t know where you stand on the subject of Form versus Function, but personally, I love it when the two collide. The way I figure it, every single product out there starts with a plan – that’s a given. So, as long as you’re already investing time into designing something useful, why not make it look good too, all in one shot? In most cases, going the extra aesthetic mile doesn’t take much extra time or money (or any at all), so why not? Seize the opportunity, people! The Italians seem to do a bang-up job with this concept, so why can’t we?

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that soap box moment out of my system, down to business. As I was saying, the combination of Form and Function is a beautiful thing (literally), and one of the most recent instances of it that I’ve come across is the Glenbeigh™ Traditional Desk Outlet. I’m a big fan of desktop power and data centers in general, but unfortunately, many of them fall into the category of Robot Decor. That’s great if you dig straight lines and lots of powder-coated metal, but what if you have more delicate design sensibilities?

Say that you’ve got an antique desk, or maybe a Pottery Barn knockoff of one – something with sweet cabriole legs and sleek painted finish. Just because you want to bring the functionality of an old-style desk up to date, you shouldn’t have to sacrificing the overall look of the thing. There was a day when you either had to compromise the look of your furniture or just go without, but luckily, those times have passed – thanks to my new pal Glenbeigh™, that is.

Just like any other desk outlet, the Glenbeigh™ is available in all power or power/data versions, but the things that set it apart are its curved lines (which are reminiscent of traditional decorative molding) and choice of beautiful finishes (parchment white, midnight, silver metallic, satin nickel, antique brass, and dark bronze). With options like these, you can choose a finish that complements your desk’s hardware or all-over paint color. And of course, the receptacles and data ports recess into the flush-mounted unit when they’re not in use, so you’ll never have to sacrifice work space.

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